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Male Chat USA is a new and fresh approach to live chat services. Male Chat USA is dedicated to providing live chat through the internet and phone. We will continue to offer new services and provide more offerings than any of our competitors. As a result of our new approach to chat lines, we offer free access to try our system and discounted local calling packages. If your questions regarding our dating chat line or online chat services are not answered in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What is Male Chat USA?

A. Male Chat USA is a fantastic way for guys and gals to make new friends, for both long term relationships or short term casual encounters. Meeting people on Male Chat USA is not only fun, but it is safe as well. There are thousands of men and women that call Male Chat USA every day and chat. These are real people, just like you. You have the choice of either using our live one on one chat systems where you can talk live to other singles in your local area and across the U.S. Or you can talk using our free online chat feature. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to use both our online and phone dating services.

Q. Is Male Chat USA private?

A. Yes very. You do not have to give out your phone number or any personal information to anyone while you are on the Live Phone Chat or the Online Chat. You choose which callers are of interest to you. You can request live conversations with other callers or send them messages. If you receive messages from callers that you don&index.html8217;t want to speak to or get messages from, you can block them from sending you messages. All callers are calling from the privacy or their home or even their office. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Q. Is Male Chat USA FREE?

A. The phone chat is always FREE for women, talk as much as you want, whenever you want! Men can listen and browse female caller greetings for free, anytime and all the time. To connect live with women in your local area, it&index.html8217;s easy and fast, by using a paid package and calling any local number in your area.

Q. What number do I call?

A. For live phone chat, call one of the local numbers in your area. These can be found on our home page at the web address Local Phone Chat is available in cities all over the U.S.

Q. What will happen when I call the local chat line in my area?

A. When you call the Male Chat USA local number in your area you are instantly connected with other like-minded callers! You simply record a personal description of yourself and what you&index.html8217;re looking for, and then listen to the descriptions of other callers. When you hear a greeting that you like, just send that caller a message or request a live chat connection. Before you know it, you will be meeting other callers and receiving instant messages from callers who can’t wait to hear from you! To request a live connection, just press “2” after hearing a member&index.html8217;s greeting. If you prefer to send an instant message, you can do so by pressing “1” after hearing a greeting you like. You will always be given the option to re-record a message before you send it, so don’t be afraid to say exactly what is on your mind. Be creative, imaginative and adventurous!

Remember that you can always block out a caller from contacting you further by pressing &index.html8220;5&index.html8221; after receiving a message, or listening to a greeting. You will always be given a detailed list of your options after each recording, and don&index.html8217;t forget, pressing the “0” key will repeat what you just heard. If you have any further questions, you can always press “index.html” while you are on our system to reach our 24 hour customer service staff. Call the Local number in your area now and experience the best live phone action in America!

Q. How do I purchase a membership on a local chat line?

A. As a new caller to our service, there are several easy and affordable payment options for our discounted chat and minute packages. You can join with a credit card, and get started now!

Q. Do I get a discount when buying a membership for the first time?

A. Absolutely! When you make your first membership purchase on a local area chat line either by phone with one of our friendly operators, or online with our easy to use ordering system – you automatically get a discount on your purchase. Simply enter the coupon code provided on the homepage and try our chat line with a 50% discount on your first purchase. Chat with all the same great features and services as a new caller! It is our way of saying thanks. We know that you are about to join the most exciting chat line in America!

Q. Can I make money referring people to Male Chat USA?

A. Yes. By joining our affiliate program, managed by Male Chat USA, you can earn cash simply by referring people to our chat line and even more money if they decide to join! Our affiliate program offers an incredible FOUR ways to generate income. And since our Free Chat Access requires no obligation or credit card details, our affiliates enjoy high conversion rates that equal great joining and renewal commissions! Whether you own your own web site or not, click here to learn more about our incredible affiliate program managed by Male Chat USA.

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Male Chat USA has been providing live 1 on 1 connections with superior phone services that have allowed local singles to engage in private conversations. Now with mobile, web cam, and online dating, MCU is taking live connections to another level. Start today with the service offering that suits you best and meet someone new for fun and excitement.